Who am I? 

I’m a software developer, but not really a geek. And as a non-geek developer I’m able to talk to developers and managers alike. That’s why…

I’m a freelancer. I love seeing many companies, meeting new people.

As a web developer I do full-stack development, meaning I can:

  • create databases,
  • create code that talks with them,
  • create server side business logic,
  • translate designs to html and css,
  • create epic JavaScript stuff

This site is about PHP web development on the back end, and Angular on the front end. While the web seems to be maturing a bit, it’s still very much an ever changing place. New frameworks come and go, but both PHP and Angular seem like they’re here to stay.

As for me… When I’m not developing web stuff or spending time with my incredible family, I like to read (audio) books, do iPhone photography, train for triathlons, snowboard, see beautiful nature and hang out with friends.

If you’d like to talk to me, do so on Twitter where my handle is Saidin. Bonus points if you know where it’s from.